Cost for Selling the House After a Year


Everyone moves. It is common for families to make a couple of house hops before finding a forever home. Whether it be for your career, better location, family matters, or anything in between, selling your home after one year may be an overwhelming task for any homeowner to take.

With the costs of selling your house after a year, it can be difficult for any Virginia homeowner to sell. However, we have curated some of the best information available to help give you some ease of mind while you think or work towards selling your home after one year. 

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Costs Of Selling Your House After A Year

While you are looking into selling a house after one year, you should know about the costs of selling. These costs will be higher for individuals selling without a long history at their homes. 

Overall costs of selling your home after one year in Virginia come from the following sources:

  • Closing costs
  • Taxes, such as the Capital Gains Tax
  • Moving costs
  • Loss of interest
  • Remaining mortgage payments

These costs can pile up and quickly drain anyone’s savings. Before moving forward with selling your home, make sure to understand the ways that these costs work. Many of these costs are their highest right after the home purchase but will gradually decrease throughout you living there. The sweet spot for leaving as soon as possible while still making away with most of your funds.

Capital Gains Taxes

Capital gains are investments you have made throughout a specific time. Like your income tax, the IRS can tax anything that creates a profit for that fiscal year. These are broken down into capital gains tax rates, which change depending on your income and overall other profits.

These capital gains can come from the following: 

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Your house sale price; the furnishing in your house; and the timber of the land you live on
  • Vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses
  • Collections that have a high value, like coin collections
  • Jewelry and expensive jeweled items 

If the profit came from a source from the last year, this counts as a  short-term capital gain. These have higher taxes than a long-term capital gain (profits from sources over a year or more). Occasionally your tax bracket can influence these aspects as well. 

In Virginia, it may be helpful to check out the best times to sell a house to avoid paying higher on these short-term gains. Knowing the best time to sell can help you determine how long a short-term capital gain becomes a long-term capital gain. 

For a better grasp of your capital gains, you should calculate your bill to record how it could affect you. 

Breakeven Target

The breakeven target is when selling is the act of making just enough to cover the basic costs of production and owning a product. When you’re selling your primary residence after one year, this comes into how long you must stay at a location to increase home value. The best way to describe it is that your selling price should cost more than what you currently own on the location. 

In general, it will usually take about five to seven years for your Virginia home to break even and another couple of years for you to make a profit, which is the general reason why selling a home after only a year can be hard. The cost of selling it is greater than what you’ll come out of it with. Many realtors deal with this and can offer guidance for a quick sale.

Selling your home after a year often comes with losing money since the breakeven target hasn’t been reached. 

Closing Costs When Selling A House

When you’re in the process of planning to sell your home after a year, remember to think about the seller’s costs and the possible seller concessions. 

Seller’s costs are usually three to six percent of the real estate commission, meaning that these funds come from the house’s total cost. This commission fee percentage can change depending on where the location is, so be sure to double-check before calculating any prices. Occasionally, there will also include agent commissions if you had a realtor help you close.

Seller concessions are when you, the seller, pay for parts of the closing costs that aren’t usually paid for by you. Usually, a percentage of the down payment, property taxes, and other parts are often paid for by the buyer. Homebuyers and the buyer’s agents will often also use these to “sweeten the deal” and help the new home be a quick sale.

We buy houses in Virginia, and we offer guides such as explaining the cost of selling a house. Realtors on the site can also help with finding any information regarding selling your home.

Is It Worthwhile To Sell A House After 1 Year?

There are a lot of pros and cons to selling a home after a year, so let’s break it down into reasons for and against selling a home after a single year.

Why You Should Sell Your Home

A possible reason to sell deals with rapid market appreciation. The supply and demand of a home is a hot topic for many homeowners to wanna-be homeowners. Currently, the overall appreciation of a home is at 14.5% year after year, which means that the purchase price of your home could be worth more now than it was before a certain amount of time.

Occasionally, there could also be forced appreciation, where property value increased because of a real estate push for rent to increase. Often, this can mean that an area is becoming more popular, and renovations are made to fit into the demands of the market while also lifting the price of the real estate and home prices around the location.

Finally, financial issues could be a reason to sell your home to move somewhere cheaper. The price of selling your home could increase your finances, but this should be an option that is chosen after looking over the options available.    

Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home

While selling your house may seem like the perfect idea, there are also drawbacks to moving that many people should be aware of, some that have been discussed before.

First and foremost, selling a house is expensive and requires planning. The entire process can take well over 5 months by itself without ever selling the home, especially if this is your first time selling. Along with this, it can also be hard to sell for some areas if there isn’t any appreciated value, no work done on the house or no housing market in the area. 

Second, selling your house could result in problems regarding finances. If the appreciation hasn’t risen high enough, you may be paying extra to move to another place without any real gain other than discarding the interest rate.

Reasons Why You Might Sell A House After 1 Year

If you have a reason to move, such as family matters, career advancement or job relocation, or a location change, it’s probably best to decide to relocate. Apart from personal decisions, there are possible reasons to sell based on finances. 

Market Appreciation

One reason to sell is because of the rapid market appreciation and forced appreciation, meaning that your house may be worth more when you sell it than when you bought it due to demand. Real estate agents can help give tips on how to make the most of market appreciation, but there are also resources online that could help.

If you are looking for companies that buy houses in Norfolk or cash home buyers in Virginia Beach, check out these helpful calculators for your possible house appreciation and the local market for your home.

House Flipping And Forced Appreciation

Another reason you may sell is because of renovations to the area and the appreciation of your area, which can make the overall cost of your home skyrocket. And with it, the benefits of moving early can help ensure you get some of that money or save on those moving costs. Lenders in the area can also put the cost of your home higher or lower depending on what they request.

Can’t Afford To Keep Your Home

Unfortunately, there may be a time when you cannot afford your home anymore. Moving is a way to alleviate some of that stress, even if it could be expensive originally. This option gives you the ability to also move somewhere cheaper and be able to stay there longer while getting into a market value you can handle.

Does It Look Bad To Sell Your Home After A Year?

There are several reasons to sell your house: market appreciation, personal decisions, and more. Regardless of your reason, you must understand the selling costs after a year and know how to navigate the rocky terrain of selling a home.

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