Sell a Home in an Undesirable Location


Every year, about 5.5 million houses are sold in the United States. If you want to sell your house, you should expect some competition. With so many diverse properties for sale around Virginia, it can be tough to locate eager buyers.

Even the most difficult-to-sell homes will ultimately receive an offer, but this does not always result in a pleasant ending for the sellers. When selling a property, you sometimes have to battle with elements that are beyond your control, such as the community in which your home is located.

Three factors must be considered: pricing, location, and condition. This article will help you learn how to sell a home in an undesirable location in Virginia, how you can improve its curb appeal, and if you need to make repairs before selling.

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How Do You Know If It’s an Undesirable Location?

Being able to identify and distinguish between excellent and bad locations is a crucial skill for anybody looking to purchase or sell a house in Virginia. Here are some tips to help you check how well a possible property’s location will suit you:

1. Obtain a crime report
Purchasing a house in a high-crime area will not improve your prospects of reselling it later. Even if the property is gorgeous, the property will retain a low sale price if new homeowners must be careful on a consistent basis. 

2. Noise levels
Being close to major roads and highways that connect suburban and metropolitan regions can significantly improve the value of a town or neighborhood. A home that is too close to these high-traffic areas will lose value.

If you are interested in a home near a large highway or airport, attempt to visit it at different times of the day to determine how loud it is. Check to see if there are any plans for traffic construction to see whether the noise level can rise in the future.

3. Take taxes and fees into consideration
It is critical to choose a decent location for your house, and a lawyer can assist you in doing so by studying the property taxes and maintenance dues that will be connected with the purchase. Only once this cost has been estimated and added into the overall cost of the residence can you effectively assess the possible expenses and profits associated with purchasing and subsequently flipping a property.

4. You’re buying into a community
Purchasing a home in the desired area will increase your chances of reselling at a higher price. Even if the property isn’t perfect, the attractive neighborhood will demonstrate to purchasers that the property has promise. If the area is not adequately maintained, your property will lose value.

Poor landscaping, piles of trash, and old appliances or furniture on the road should raise red flags in a community and can indicate that it is economically disadvantaged. While these regions can become gentrified and gain in market value, making a large purchase in these locations might be dangerous because the place has the potential to deteriorate.

Can You Improve Your Curb Appeal?

The outside of your property is the first impression that prospective buyers will get, so make it a pleasant one. You’re probably wondering, “Who can buy my house in Virginia?” Here are some simple do-it-yourself curb appeal ideas that impress buyers before they ever enter your property:

1. Brighten your home’s exterior
In addition to decluttering, new light fixtures can immediately improve your home’s appearance and increase its curb appeal. Consider both utility and style when purchasing new fixtures for your home. Choose lights that will give enough light for your doorway. 

2. Add new house numbers
Nothing puts a damper on a house hunt faster than a potential buyer being unable to locate your property. If your house numbers have faded or are out of style, it’s time to replace them to improve the curb appeal of your property.

3. Upgrade your mailbox
Whether you have a normal mailbox by the road or a box affixed to your property, making this simple addition shows buyers that you pay attention to details.

4. A coat of paint goes a long way
When seeking for front yard curb appeal suggestions to improve your property, one gallon of paint can make a great impact. Choose a vibrant hue that will make your home stand out and improve its desirability.

5. Consider adding potted plants
Plants can provide life to a room and make it appear lived-in and well-cared for. Varying heights of annuals or perennials arranged together on each side of the sidewalk can make a big impact on your curb appeal.

Can You Add Size to Your House?

Room and house extensions are important investments whether you have a large or small property. In addition to increasing your accessible in-home storage and living space, adding rooms with desirable characteristics to homebuyers can raise your home’s value. Here are a few ways to create more room in your home:

1. Renovate your basement
A basement makeover expands your house’s usable square footage and provides additional space for an entertainment area or a small apartment. 

2. Convert the attic

When it comes to home improvement tasks, an attic has virtually limitless possibilities. Make sure that at least half of the ceiling reaches seven feet and that the attic links to a stairway for this restoration. Converting an attic into a habitable space can recoup up to 56% of its value.

3. Enhance your kitchen
Renovating your kitchen can yield a significant ROI, even on a small scale. Increase the square footage of your kitchen by converting a bump-out extension or a flex space into a breakfast nook or pantry. Kitchen makeover improvements can range from $60 to $45,000 and return about 93% when resold.

4. Include a mudroom
While many houses have hallways, an addition of a mudroom is a convenient way to put some items in one place. Adding cubbies, wall hooks, or lockers throughout the redesign offers storage as well as visual appeal.

5. Build a room above the garage

Adding an additional apartment or room above a carport is a terrific way to increase floor space without making your house look cluttered. With the foundation now in place, all that remains are roofs and walls. You may use it as a guest bedroom or rent it out after it’s ready. 

6. Construct a detached structure

If you have adequate room, you can construct a new shed. If you have dependents that want privacy, this is always an excellent idea. It should be noted that doing so might be rather costly since you will effectively be building a new house. However, if you have the finances and require your dependents to have their own room, it is still an excellent alternative.

Adding more room to your home has many advantages, but there is one major drawback: it will cost you a lot of money. As a result, it’s preferable to strive to recover or remodel the space you already have.

Should You Make Repairs On Your House?

Before selling a house as-is, learn which home upgrades might increase the value of your property and increase the chances of a speedy sale before you put it on the local market. Some important aspects to consider when home selling are:

1. What are the current conditions of competing home sales?
A comparative market analysis (CMA) provides a snapshot of recently sold houses in your neighborhood. Your realtor should be able to supply you with a CMA, which can assist you to determine whether your house provides more (or less) than comparable properties in the area.

2. What are the chances of a return on your investment?
Some home renovations and repairs are more likely to pay off than others. A small kitchen makeover, for example, can add more than $18,000 to the worth of your property, while changing the garage door can increase resale value by more than $3,000.

3. What is the real estate market like?
Homes in a hot real estate market can sell within days, with many offers and even bidding wars. You can typically get away with fewer repairs before selling in a seller’s market. A property in need of repairs will still fetch a reduced price in any market.


Smart home sellers will assess the cost of suggested modifications against the home’s market worth when the repairs or upgrades are finished. If an update does not produce a decent return on investment (ROI), such an enhancement can not be appropriate.

A difficult piece of real estate isn’t unsellable, whether it has a motorway running overhead or a strip mall next door. In Virginia, you can also opt to sell your house for cash. You can hold as many private showings and open houses as possible.

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